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PHONE: 905-859-0333 or 1-800-263-2396
FAX: 905-859-1720 ,E-MAIL:

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When you are quoted a price for an equine shipment, we will also let you know of any possible extra costs that could be charged to you. No one can foresee every possible obstacle but we will do our best to eliminate any surprisess".
BROKERAGE: This is a per horse fee charged by the U.S. for horses traveling from Canada into the U.S. This charge also applies on formal entries (horses purchased in the U.S.) from the U.S. into Canada.
VET INSPECTION: Vet inspection is required if your horse is going to be travelling from Canada into the U.S. and staying for more than 30 days. This is also a per horse fee.
LAYOVER: Horses are usually kept overnight at a layover farm if they are traveling from the west to the east coast or east to west coasts of either Canada or the United States. This stopover helps to reduce horse stress to help them to arrive in the best possible condition.
Layover is also charged for any horse staying at our facility awaiting pickup by their owner. All charges are on a per horse, per day basis and are dictated by the individual layover farms..
G.S.T.: Goods and Services Tax (G.S.T.) is charged by the Canadian Government on all shipments traveling from and to points within Canada. This is charged on all shipment costs. Horses that are purchased in the U.S. but will reside in Canada, will be charged G.S.T. based on the value of the horse(s). There will also be a G.S.T. charge on the formal entry brokerage fee. All G.S.T. charges are payable to Perry Transport immediately