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Crossing the Canada/U.S. border

Canadian/ U.S. Citizens
Canadian citizens must have at least two pieces of identification, at least one of these bearing a photograph.
Acceptable identification includes: driver's licence, birth certificate, Canadian photo health card, student i.d. card, and passport.

Citizens of Other Countries
All people born of a nationality other than Canadian or U.S. MUST declare proper citizenship to the border attendant.
You must have a valid passport with you when crossing.

Personal luggage

  • All luggage must be accessible (unlocked or with key) to customs officials.
  • Do not carry any weapon of any kind in your luggage or on your person.
  • All prescriptions must be in their original container and bear the holder's name.

Horse feeds

  • All packages must be unopened.
  • Packages must list all ingredients by their common or usual name.
  • Feed may not contain any ingredients derived from animal products

Can equine medication go with the horse?
General purpose medications are usually O.K. as long as they are in their original containers.
Prescription medicines must be in their original containers and accompanied by a letter from your veterinarian. Our dispatcher MUST be notified of any medication travelling with the horse.